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In one town there may be several handymen & lawn care workers all competing for the same job. Each one may be an excellent choice but the extraordinary choice is the one that stands out and wins customers. To be that extraordinary choice there would have to be something to draw in the customers, something enticing that singles them out. To do this they would have to offer something extra that the other guys didn’t and it’s those little extras, which could put them on the map.

Advertisements are the start of putting them on the map. Where they advertise could make a difference in fending off competitors. A really great place to advertise would be in a phone book. A local phone book is the place that locals in the area will usually go first for a service that pertains to their house or lawn care.

Low rates & coupons are great for luring customers. Everyone loves to feel like their getting a good deal.

Longer hours & the hour’s in-between will bring in customers. Some handyman & lawn care services have set hours. They won’t work past a certain time frame. This is where the longer hours & hour’s in-between will win over customers. Working just a couple of hours longer then what the other guys do is for instance, where they close at 5 p.m. but you stay open till 7 p.m. The hour’s in-between times for example is when the other guys are taking a lunch break you work or you go in earlier hours such as you go in at 7 a.m. when they go in at 9 a.m.

Having a completion time frame of, won’t leave till it’s done, if at all possible will make customers happy who have plans for the next day.

Own tools & ride are a couple of things that not everyone in the handyman & lawn care business has. If it is an individual seeking work in either profession and are just getting started they may have neither and while they may be cheap the customer may have to supply the tools and give them a ride both to and from their home just to get anything done.

Hard to find spare parts can be a big deal when it comes to repairs on older machinery, tools or any hardware necessary to completing a job. Besides keeping the necessary replacement parts around to repair your own equipment a variety of spare parts can come in handy in doing odd jobs for customers such as washers for older faucets.

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