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How to Create the Perfect at Home Spa

For Mother’s Day I received a wonderful gift – – a fully loaded gift card to spend on whatever my heart desires (my husband did very well in my opinion). I have been dreaming of creating an at home spa and now have the means of doing that (thanks to Mother’s Day). Searching for the best home spa products has actually been enjoyable and my list is complete and ready for purchase. When shopping for home spa products, purchase products that contain superior ingredients for a luxurious spa experience at home. Every home spa should have the following spa products:

Setting the scene: I love how relaxing spas are and I want my home spa to be just as relaxing. Therefore, I have chosen the perfect items to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere for my home spa.

Music: Soothing music is essential for a relaxing home spa. The nice thing about having a spa experience at home is that you can choose you favorite music. I choose Celtic Woman for my music but if you need some ideas try searching for spa music at Spa-la-la.

Fragrance: The perfect fragrance is very relaxing and choosing the scent that is perfect for you may take a little research. Fragrances have different affects on our senses. For example, lemon and ginger are energizing fragrances so they may not be the best choice for home spas. Jasmine, lavender and chamomile relax, soothe and promote peace and stress relief. I love candles and the atmosphere they create; therefore, I will be purchasing scented candles for my home spa. Yankee Candle’s Lavender Vanilla and Partylite’s Relax are my favorites.

Bath and Beauty Products: The second group of items on my list for creating my home spa is the products for my bath.

Bath pillow: How would I enjoy my bath if I were not comfortable? I found a soft, comfortable bath pillow at The Body Shop. Do not scrimp on your bath pillow – – this is essential for a relaxing bath.

Massaging Bath Spa: I found this Thermal Spa Bath Mat at Comfort House for my home spa. This bath mat not only creates bubbles for my bath but it gives me a massage and maintains the water temperature for a longer bathing experience.

Bath Caddy: I wanted a convenient place to hold my spa products and possibly a book during my home spa experience. A bath caddy is the perfect answer to that dilemma. A jumbo bath caddy fits nicely across the tub and provides the perfect place for a book and cup of tea.

Manicure, pedicure & other essential tools: For my home spa, I needed quality manicure and pedicure equipment. My shopping list contains items from Crabtree & Evelyn, The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works. One of my favorites is the Gel Eye Mask from Crabtree & Evelyn (this will be very useful).

Soaps & scrubs: Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a great spa product. For my home spa, I wanted products that had quality ingredients for a true spa experience. I decided to splurge a little on some products and also create some homemade spa treatments. Spa Index has great recipes for a variety of spa treatments for the face, hair, lips, hands and feet. I really like the body scrubs from Crabtree & Evelyn and The Body Shop.

Finishing in Luxury: The last items on my list are for after my bath when I want to relax and listen to my soothing music. I wanted spa products for my home spa that would pamper me.

Extra soft Luxury Towels: These towels will be just for mommy and are off limits to all others in my home. I want to wrap myself in wonderfully soft towels. My home spa list therefore has Egyptian cotton towels as a must.

Lotion: An excellent lotion or body butter is essential for your home spa. After a soothing bath, I like to use Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body butter to moisture my skin.

Bathrobe & slippers: As my final treat, and the final list on my supply list for my home spa, is a new bathrobe and slippers. Not just any bathrobe either but one that I will want to live in because it feels so good. Personal preference should guide the choice of a bathrobe – – I prefer a silk robe while others may prefer cotton. Whatever you choose spurge on yourself and remember how much money you are saving by creating your own spa at home.

Source : Medical Spa in Barrington

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